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losecontrol has great curves in all the right places; her pink bikini top barely covers her breasts. She twirls her finger in her hair and starts chatting—the man on the other end makes her smile. Typing a little, she tosses back her hair, smiling, and takes off her bra, revealing a smaller one beneath which shows more of her full, round breasts.  She blows a kiss and starts to strip in earnest. She eases off her bra, from back to front, and teases her breasts with her hands, cupping them, rubbing them together and letting them bounce.

Her cute tits have the slightest tan line. losecontrol goes back for more, rubbing her tits, squeezing them harder, licking her lips and moving her hips back and forth. Fully turned on now, she leans back and slips out of her panties, lifting up her body to show her bare, shaved cunt, legs spread wide. She starts to finger her cunt, and then turns her ass to the camera, showing her ass and cunt from behind. She passes her finger between her wet, pink lips, teasing her pussy. Then she opens her pussy lips, showing her wet, dark hole, and moves her ass back and forth in pleasure.

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