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Sprawled on her white sheets, nonstopsex lifts up onto all fours and spreads her legs wide. Her tits are still encased in her black lace bra, and she leans forward, the smooth curve of the tops of her breasts on display. She lifts up onto her knees, smoothing her hands along her hips, along her pale belly, down to her pussy. Dipping, dancing, she moves her hips and torso, showing her curves, the black fabric of her thong biting into the flesh of her hips, making the smallest dimple in her smooth body.

nonstopsex teases off her black lace bra, straps first, then cup by cup, until she finally drops the bra behind her, her breasts exposed. Each tit fits sweetly in her hand; she cups and fondles them. She leans forward, squeezing her breast, massaging one pale pink nipple, teasing and rubbing it between her fingers until she bends her neck and licks it. She sits up, teasing off her black thong panties, showing her tattoo, then her shaved cunt. Naked on the bed, she leans back, rubbing her hand from her belly button down to between the smooth wet lips of her pussy. She rubs up and down, up and down, on the white sheets of her bed.

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