Amateur babe in lingerie & stockings loves hard one on ones

Brenda’s tiny body had be wondering what I was doing in her room.  She was tiny, small, and delightful.  This 25 year old woman had me curious and intrigued.  I enjoy shorter women but this was completely different.   She was one of the smallest and hottest women I had ever seen online.As we chatted I asked her if such a small woman could really handle a big hard cock. Her laughter filled the room.  She reached over and picked up a large dildo and asked me if I wanted to see.  I laughed along with her and immediately agreed.  WOW!  I still cannot imagine how this tiny woman was able to do that.  It all started as she rapidly ripped off her clothes to get ready for fun.  No striptease, no dancing, just a wild frenzy to get her clothes off.

Brenda started playing with her pussy to get herself wet which did not take long.  Her fingers were a blur rubbing her clit.The she picked up the long dildo shaking it at the camera. She put the head of the dildo against her tiny pussy and slowly pushed it in inch by inch. When she stopped only her fingertips were holding the end of the dildo.She had managed to stick the entire 10 to 12 inches of rubber cock inside her body.  She pulled it back out a few inches and then started fucking herself wildly.  How did she do it?  After you see this you are going to have to explain to me, is she magic or just a wild woman with a small body?

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